On September 14th families and students enjoyed graduation at the KBTU International School of Economics (ISE) Faculty.

A delegation of Petronas University of Technology (Universiti Teknologi Petronas, UTP) Malaysia visited KBTU on Monday 16 September.

On September 11, the rector of KBTU met with 2nd year students.

A delegation of Italian multinational energy company, Enel, visited KBTU on 5 September to participate in the ‘GENSTalks’.

Graduates of a joint EMBA program of the Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) and Russia’s Ufa State Petroleum Technical University (USTU) received their diplomas on 23 August at a special ceremony held at KBTU’s ‘Beijing Hall’.

A meeting of the KBTU Pedagogical Council was held in the Round Hall on Wednesday 21 August.

A delegation of the China University of Petroleum Beijing, and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Consul for science and technology in Almaty visited the Kazakh-British Technical University on 20 August 2019. During the visit, the both sides signed the Charter of the International Association of Energy Universities.

Zhassan Baipakbaev, a young Kazakhstani programmer, a KBTU graduate, announced that he was starting work at Google.

KBTU’s Faculty of Information Technology has started a new undergraduate program in Health Informatics ("Medical Informatics"). The admission to the new Program is open now. Interested candidates can submit their documents till 25 August 2019.

About the registration at the KBTU Student Dormitory.

KBTU congratulates the winners of state educational scholarships 2019!