Dear friends, colleagues, applicants, parents, alumni, site visitors, who are interested in knowing what the School of Information Technology and Engineering(SITE) of KBTU is.


SITE is, first of all, a family of like-minded people whose goal is to bring even more happiness and pleasure to society through education: so that every year in the intellectual stratum of society there are several hundred more young people who are able to make responsible decisions for the well-being of their families, for the companies in which they work, and in general for society.

The SITE mission, supported by our family members - students and faculty staff - is to make the world a better place, including through IT education.

With this goal and a dream (which is coming true!) SITE has been living for 19 years since its foundation in 2002. In different periods of time, the tasks for achieving the goal were leveled out - and this is natural: life changes rapidly, and the speed of changes in society, especially in technology, is so great that what seemed to us fiction 50 years ago, today is already a reality, in the development of which sometimes the youth of the school age.



Today, SITE is the largest faculty of KBTU, where almost a thousand bachelor and master students receive educational services.

There are several components in the life of the faculty, on which success in solving problems to achieve a goal is based. We see these cmponents as:

1. Environment (atmosphere)

2. Educational programs

3. Teaching staff

4. Technical equipment (laboratories)

5. Connection with the industry

6. Scientific and applied research


Each of these components makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the goal. In the absence of any of the components, we would hardly have been able to achieve the achievements that KBTU and the whole country are proud of. And the achievements are truly impressive