Dear applicant!

Dear applicant, on behalf of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy (KMA), I would like to welcome you to our page. If you dream of becoming a sailor, KMA will be happy to help you with this! For this dream to become true you need to choose physics and mathematics for the national test, as well as know English, since training at KMA is conducted in the English language only.

The Kazakhstan Maritime Academy is a truly unique faculty that has no analogs in Kazakhstan. Since 2012, KMA has been setting new standards in terms of personnel training for the maritime industry of the Caspian region. The KMA diploma in maritime companies of Kazakhstan is associated with highly qualified personnel, respectively, giving our graduates wide career opportunities.

Upon graduation, you will join an expanding network of KMA graduates who are an essential human capital of the country, working in companies such as Kazmortransflot, NCOC, COC, Topaz Marine, TCO, and in other large corporations. And yes, I can proudly say that some KMA graduates, having gained industrial experience, return to the KMA to educate and train a new generation.

A variety of marine laboratories and simulators, international maritime practice, and qualified teachers trained in Germany, Oman, the USA, and the Netherlands allow our programs to pass international audits year after year. What we are doing at the KMA is necessary at this important moment in the history of our country, the moment of diversification of oil transportation, and the moment of the development of the transport potential of our country.

As the dean of this amazing academy, I cannot promise you an easy study, but I can guarantee an interesting learning process and quality knowledge that will make you in demand in the labor market and open up unique opportunities for the future.

The current of marine sector is ever-changing we must adapt and press forward for us to see our journey's end, to ensure that you get there KMA will be the right choice as a key to a career in the maritime industry.

Dean of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy

Ramil Biktashev


Kazakhstan Maritime Academy (KMA) at KBTU is the first and the only Kazakhstani higher educational institution that fosters internationally recognized seafarers.

Our 4-year undergraduate program is offered to Kazakhstani as well as international applicants. Every year up to 32 cadets are enrolled for granted places at the KMA. The study language is English for the whole duration of the program.

State of the art simulators from leading global supplier Kongsberg are provided for practical classes and simulated training. During the course the cadets study in the Netherlands and Kazakhstan. Experienced Dutch lecturers from the largest maritime university in the Netherlands, the STC-Group from Rotterdam, conduct training in marine disciplines and share their rich experience with our students. In the third year of their studies at the KMA, each cadet must spend 12-month at sea. This mandatory apprenticeship is part of international requirements (STCW Convention).

Upon completion, graduates get a bachelor’s degree in respective field and Certificate of Competency (application through Maritime Administration) on Operational level as Officer in charge of Navigational or Engineering watch. KMA’s graduates are competent to work on both Kazakhstani and foreign vessels in international waters and on shore.


Creation of KMA with Tengizchevroil financial support

The Kazakhstan Maritime Academy was established in 2012 at Kazakh-British Technical University in Almaty. It was sponsored by company LLC Tengizchevroil  from the very start.

The prerequisites for the creation of the KMA were directly related to the strategic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Transportation of oil and other products across the Caspian Sea from Kazakhstan began several years ago. In addition, Kazakhstan was striving to become a maritime state, both in the Caspian region and beyond. Another important reason that prompted the creation of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy was the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Merchant Shipping”, according to which, by January 1, 2020, the senior officers (captains, chief officers, and chief engineers) sailing on ships under the Kazakhstan flag must be the citizens of Kazakhstan. The KMA was opened to meet international maritime standards and with the aim to eliminate the shortage of qualified seafarers in Kazakhstan.


Agreement on cooperation with STC-Group – a world leader in maritime educational and consulting services

In May 2012, KBTU signed an agreement with the Netherlands’ STC-Group. Under the Agreement the STC is responsible for day to day management of KMA by providing the faculty and staff among the best maritime professionals of the Netherlands. STC professionals train the cadets and provide consultations on related areas; simulators, engineering workshops and international legislations. They also arrange apprenticeships for KMA cadets on STC Group training vessel the Eendracht during the first year of studies. The STC Group has branches and subsidiaries and representative offices in the Sultanate of Oman, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, South Africa, and Brazil.