Dear applicants!

The School of Materials Science and Green Technologies (S MSaGT) was established at the Kazakh-British Technical University on the basis of the Laboratory of Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology (LAEaN) and the Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Technologies (LAMaT). Nanotechnology covers an interdisciplinary field located at the intersection of fundamental and applied areas of science and technology. The direction has become relevant because it allows forming the structure of materials at the nanoscale level and changing the properties of nanomaterials, thereby contributing to their integration into various industries and sciences. With the use of nanotechnology, such areas of alternative energy as solar energy are being developed. Significant progress has been achieved in the field of wind energy on the basis of own patents of the European Union and the USA.

Students at the school receive knowledge on educational programs:

Bachelors: "6B07113 - Engineering physics and technologies of new materials";

Master’s students: 7M07108 "Nanomaterials and nanotechnology (by application)" and 7M07109 "Materials Science and technology of new materials";

Doctoral students: 8D07108 "Nanomaterials and nanotechnology (by application)", 8D07109 "Materials Science and technology of new materials" and 8D07204 "Metallurgy".

The school has a highly qualified teaching staff and all the necessary high-tech equipment for the preparation of bachelors, masters and PhD doctors.


Sincerely, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Green Technologies,

Nurzhan B. Beisenkhanov



About the School of Materials Science and Green Technologies


The mission of S MS&GT is to achieve the main goal of the school, which is the integration of science and education in the training of highly qualified scientific, pedagogical and managerial personnel in demand in engineering, technical and managerial activities in the field of nanotechnology, alternative energy, materials science, petrochemistry and metallurgy.


S MS&GT graduates are in demand in companies that create nanomaterials and products from them, as well as in firms that produce equipment for nanoassay. Nanotechnologies are especially widely in demand in laboratories of higher educational institutions and scientific institutes. Graduates of S MSaGT - Bachelor, master and PhD can hold the following positions: engineer; engineer at manufacturing enterprises; engineer of research institutes; physicist-technologist; chemist-technologist; teaching assistant; university lecturer; researcher;



S MS&GT research


Our professors and teachers are heads and executors of grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

IRN AR14870185 "Formation of electron-hole selective passivating contacts based on wide-band semiconductors SiC, SpOx, TiOx, Ta2O5, ZnOx, MOX by magnetron sputtering", supervisor: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Kair Professor Nussupov; the main idea of the project is the formation of electron-hole selective passivating contacts based on wide-band semiconductors SiC (n or p), SIC, TiOx, Ta2O5, ZnOx and MOX by magnetron sputtering with an intermediate tunnel layer of SiOx and anti-reflective coating SiC:H(n or p)/MgF2.


IRN AP09058438 "Research of nanostructured and monocrystalline layers of silicon carbide and metal oxides synthesized by physico-chemical methods for nanoelectronics", supervisor: PhD Dina Bakranova. The main idea of the project is to study the influence of temperature and other synthesis conditions on the formation of various structural phases of silicon carbide. The influence of the SiC buffer layer structure on the improvement of the structural quality of ZnO films obtained by magnetron sputtering will be studied.