House of Masters and Students of KBTU

The House of Masters and Students (HMS) is a new generation dormitory with comfortable furnished rooms, where all conditions for living, studying and recreation are created. Comfortable 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms are furnished and provided with internet connection (wi-fi), as well as common spaces for studying. Domestic rooms are equipped with automatic washing machines and ironing boards. The reading room contains a rich library, including periodicals. Furniture and household appliances are repaired and updated annually. Laundry washing, deratization, disinfestation of the territory, premises, basements, heat treatment of bedding, dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, repair of household appliances, recharging of fire extinguishers, garbage removal, etc. are carried out on a scheduled basis.


Infrastructure and leisure

The total area of the residential complex, which is located in an area with a developed infrastructure, is more than 1 hectare. Nearby you can easily find supermarkets, ATMs, pharmacies, bus stops and much more.

The dormitory also solved the issues of leisure and nutrition. There are two canteens where you can have a cheap and tasty snack. There are recreation rooms provided with facilities for various events.


Medical care and safety

In order to provide first aid, primary medical assistance, primary counseling to resident students, master's students and staff, HMS has a qualified medical worker on staff.

To ensure the safety of residents, admission to HMS is carried out by the Access Control System, turnstiles and doors with readers are installed, video surveillance cameras are installed on the territory and in common areas.


Procedure for allocation of places in HMS

The list of social categories that are prioritized in the allocation of places in HMS:

- orphans left without parental care, orphans under guardianship, persons from among youth left without parental care until adulthood*;

- students with disabilities from among the invalids, persons with disabilities since childhood**

- parents / one of the parents is disabled of group І, ІІІ;

- persons equated in terms of benefits and guarantees to participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War;

- foreign citizens;

- persons from among rural youth who have entered training under educational programs that determine the socio-economic development of the village;

- Kandas who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- students of the 1st year who have the sign "Altyn Belgi", certificate of the winner of the presidential, international, republican Olympiad and (or) competition, as well as applicants who graduated with honors with a confirming document on education (certificate, diploma);

- students admitted to the first year of study in accordance with the state educational order who have a high score on the results of the Unified National Testing or Comprehensive Testing conducted by the organization;

- children from large families who receive allowance for large families***;

- children from low-income families receiving targeted social assistance;

- senior students with high results in academic and scientific work, as well as actively participating in the student life of the university.

    All other categories that do not belong to the above items will be considered on a general basis on a priority basis.

Note: * - free accommodation;

** - benefit of 50% of the relevant cost;

*** - benefit of 25% of the relevant cost.


Documents for occupancy:

1) application for a place in the dormitory in the form, according to Appendix No. 2 of the "Procedure for granting places and accommodation in HMS";

2) an ID document (for identification);

3) if there is any social category that provides benefits for accommodation, it is necessary to provide relevant supporting documents.



Check-in procedures:

1. Obtaining clearance from the HMS medical officer;

2. Signing a contract for accommodation;

3. Payment for the period specified in the contract.







Director of the Dormitory

Shopanov Mukhtar Saburovich 

8 (727) 357-42-42 ext.600

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Commandant of the Dormitory

Esimbekova Aizhan Berikovna

8 (727) 357-42-42 ext.601

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Security Sector


8 (727) 357-42-42 ext.613

(around the clock)