Successful people are always looking for opportunities to inspire and uphold others. Share knowledge and experience, we multiply them, and improve and develop ourselves further.





    The main objective of the KBTU Alumni Association is the collaboration of alumni for the university development.

In the mid-2000s, KBTU was the most desirable place of study in Kazakhstan, and it is obvious that the best applicants of the country - the owners of the gold medal "Altyn belgy", winners of scientific projects, and winners of subject Olympiads - chose KBTU. Today each of them is the most demanded professional in local and international labor markets.


Today in rapidly changing world, the importance of highly qualified personnel, an imbalance in qualifications and a mismatch of skills and competencies to the requirements of the labor market are growing. And it is obvious that the current education system falls behind labor market transformation. The essential task for university is quickly adapt to the existing trends and needs of the labor market to ensure progressive education.

KBTU alumni, who became experts and already have significant experience, influence, and vision to the future development of their business sector, can be a beacon in improving educational focuses.  Here, university and industry experts’ synergy can increase the flexibility of the educational system towards the rapid transforming labor market.


The initial stage of the synergy will be the implementation of the Guest Lectures’ program with involving KBTU alumni and others as speakers.

Guest Lectures is a unique platform where speakers can be sharing their valuable knowledge and unique experience. The platform is open to discuss a variety of topics, such as: oil & gas industry, energy, chemistry, geological exploration, renewable energy sources, IT, digitalization, finance, management, etc. Speakers will have the opportunity to talk about their expertise, current trends that affecting an industry development, to share new technologies and interesting business cases. In addition, speakers as alumni will be able to talk about his/her unique career path (personal success story), modern soft skills which are essential requirements for successful career.


The purpose of the Guest Lectures’ program

Advantages for students

•   To receive a unique information and knowledge from KBTU alumni and experts

•   Be inspired by success stories to be able to choose the best models for career development and meet the secrets of professional skills

•   To find answers for career self-determination and the best tips

•   To learn about essential skills for successful career


Advantages for speakers

  • Speakers will have the opportunity to share their valuable knowledge and unique experience
  • Speakers will be able to collect and summarize their expertise gained over the years
  • To get the opportunity to improve their oratory skills
  • Speakers will contribute to partially solve the problem of the lack of highly qualified teachers at university


Advantages for university

  • To get the opportunity to strengthen the connection with an industry
  • To spot in detail how and in what direction the labor market is being modernized
  • To be able to adapt existing academics to modern trends
  • To receive guidelines for the development of advanced study programs, which will give elasticity to the education system towards labor market transformation


The list of desired topics for "Guest lectures" (but not limited to) for the Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry:

1.Petroleum geology, Petrophysics (Properties of sedimentary rocks), Properties of petroleum fluids, Geostatistics

2.Drilling engineering, Well completions, Production technology (well deliverability models, tubing flow, stimulation, artificial lift)

3.Flow in porous media; Reservoir engineering; Well logging; Well testing; Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods; Reservoir Simulation; Python for Petroleum Data Analysis

4.Petroleum Economics; Field Development Projects examples; Business cases

5. Oil and gas geopolitics and logistics

6.Computational Method of Transport Phenomena in Porous Media (MATLAB)

7.Introduction to Machine Learning in Petroleum Engineering

8.Subsea Production Engineering

10.Pipeline Engineering (including IPM PetEx software, Prosper, GAP, MBAL cases)

11.Project Management in Oil & Gas Industry

12.HSSE in Oil & Gas Industry; Risk assessment and safety in petroleum industry; HAZOP


The list of desired topics for "Guest lectures" (but not limited to) for the Faculty of Information Technology:

1.Cybersecurity; Programming languages

2.Data analysis; Artificial intelligence; Computer vision; Mobile development technologies (iOS / Android)

3. Web technologies and application development; Computer graphics; Game development (Game dev); UX/UI design

4. Automation systems; Microcontroller and microprocessor systems; Robotics; Automation of production processes, and other areas related to IT and automation


The list of desired topics for "Guest lectures" in general areas:

1.Digitalization; Robotization; Automation; Renewable energy sources; Low carbon development; Energy management and energy efficiency

2. Modern skills and competencies: digital literacy, public speaking and presentation skills, empathy, cross-cultural skills, time management, strategic planning, project management, business correspondence, people management and employee motivation, etc.


The format of the "Guest lectures":

- Duration: 1-2 hours

- Online and offline (preferred option)

- In Kazakh, Russian and English


 For all questions, please contact e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.