Dear Applicant,

I want to personally welcome you to our School of Natural and Social Sciences. The school lives like a reef colony, united in a pursuit of knowledge on the grounds of which you can move to the chosen goal – gaining the quality professional education more confidently, efficiently and persistently.

The teaching staff of our school will teach you the set of disciplines that will open the world of knowledge about the mankind, society, cultural combination and global tendencies of the modernity, and meaning of modernization. Those will not be some routine lectures teeming with endless lists of names, dates, facts and events. Thanks to the pedagogical experience and skills, and highly-professional competencies of our teachers you will enjoy the participation in the process of constructive involvement, collaboration and perceptual creativity.

Particularly, during the lessons on humanitarian disciplines you will obtain the skill and ability to discourse in the context of humanitarian values and their rational meanings, you will learn to form your views into logical written texts and essays, overcome being tongue-tied and will get rid of the lexical primitiveness, as you will gain the skill of smart use of the academic language.

Our school is the heart and soul of the social student life. I am sure you will plunge into it with pleasure, demonstrate your qualities as an initiative, communicative personality, able to work in team and probably able to become its leader.

In the presented information below you can find out more details about the goals and priorities of our school.

I wish you success and high achievements in self-improvement! We are waiting for you in our departments. The teaching staff of the school is always glad to communicate with you and is ready to provide you with consultations at any convenient for you time on any issues of your concern.


Best Regards,

Renat E. Beissenov


The School

The School of Natural and Social Sciences of JSC “KBTU” was established in 2010 and is the educational, scientific and administrative unit of KBTU, providing organization of educational process for students on all the specialties of the general educational component in accordance with the national statutory standards of education and international standards, as well as with the requirements of the relevant profile and qualification.


Study Advantages

One cannot become a specialist of technical profile without learning the disciplines taught at the School of Natural and Social Sciences.

The School orients the student of the first year of studies on forming those basic qualities that will be essential in the process of successful learning of her/his future specialty and positioning her/him as a professionally and culturally oriented personality that cannot help encouraging the growth of KBTU prestige as the HEI of the new generation taking the mission of training the scientific-technical elite of Kazakhstan.

The All humanities and scientific knowledge obtained by a student of the School of Natural and Social Sciences is the way to understanding himself/herself as a personality, sensing his/her own growth and development as a person of culture, as well as the personal responsibility for the process and for the existence of human civilization in general.


Mission and Goals

The mission of the school is the wide complex general-education and cultural-intellectual pre-schooling of students before they get into the stage of obtaining advanced professionally-specialized knowledge.

The goal of the Teaching staff is in the development and enrichment of the intellectual potential of students via learning all humanities (i.e. history, philosophy, sociology, politology) and scientific (physics) subjects, as well as via improvement of language skills and practices (Kazakh, Russian, English languages).

The educational context of training is aimed at forming the personality driven by achievement motivation, wish and readiness to work hard, innovations and changes, the objectiveness of the set goals and the ability to achieve them, striving to the personal and socially significant success – the personality that is ready and able to integrate into target-setting of the contemporary society.



  • Creation of the conditions for the successful gaining of knowledge on the disciplines of humanitarian profile by the students
  • Training of the new generation of specialists able to provide various types of professional, interpersonal, intercultural and mass communication in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages
  • Development of intellectual and creative abilities in students
  • Forming a civic position and socially significant worldview and spiritually moral bases of personality
  • Involvement of students into active students’ life


Contact Us


Kusaiyn Meruert Zhamaldinkyzy

Deputy Dean of the School of Natural and Social Science

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Office 333 


Zhumadilova Aliya Bolatkyzy

Senior manager of the School of Natural and Social Science

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Abdukhametova Makhabbat Toleukyzy

Senior manager of the School of Natural and Social Science

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