The Petroleum Engineering Institute "One Belt, One Road" was established as part of the Perspective Plan for Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation in partnership with Energy Universities and oil companies in Asia and Europe to implement the state initiative "One Belt, One Road".



The grand opening of the Petroleum Engineering Institute "One Belt, One Road" was held on September 22, 2018 President of the China University of Petroleum-Beijing Zhang Laibin and Rector of KBTU Kenzhebek Ibrashev in Beijing, after the grand opening of the International Association of Energy Universities.

Academician of KazNANS, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor of KBTU Saule Aidarova was awarded the certificate of the Honorary Director of the Petroleum Engineering Institute "One Belt, One Road".




Promoting internationalization and creation of a sustainable platform for the development of cooperation in education, science and entrepreneurship in the global educational and scientific space as part of the One Belt, One Road program.



Consolidation of the scientific and innovative potential of universities, research institutes and the manufacturing sector for the implementation of scientific and technological support for the One Belt, One Road program and the preparation of globally recognized outstanding talent competent in energy engineering and innovation.



Ensuring the transfer of advanced foreign technologies and knowledge, their adaptation to improve the quality of oil production, treatment and refining processes, as well as training a new generation of competent engineering and technical personnel.


Institute activities

Development of strategic partnerships with foreign advanced research universities and innovation centers, transnational companies and foundations of the countries participating in the One Belt, One Road program , transfer of foreign experience, knowledge and technologies for the production of new technologies and materials, as well as ensuring the qualitative growth of engineering - technical workers of the petroleum industry.


The main areas of activity are joint scientific and technical research within the framework of international projects, the exchange of scientific, technical and academic knowledge, scientific internships and the exchange of employees and students , the development of research infrastructure aimed at performing research at a high international level, the joint training of engineering and scientific personnel, organization of joint international conferences and trainings to improve the skills of engineering and technical personnel of companies.


The One Belt, One Road Institute, in partnership with the Chinese Petroleum Universities of the People's Republic of China, carries out multidisciplinary cooperation and develops scientific and technological foundations in the field of exploration, production, enhanced oil recovery and oilfield chemistry and develops research in the following areas:


  1. Scientific bases and technologies of chemical enhanced oil recovery.
  2. Development of methods for intensifying drilling in oil and gas reservoirs.
  3. Scientific principles and technologies of downhole environmentally friendly working, drilling and fracturing fluids.
  4. Management of environmental risks in oil and gas production.
  5. Drilling technologies in deep and ultra-deep complex mineral formations.
  6. Colloid-chemical approach to the introduction of surface-active, alkaline, polymeric and combined flooding technologies in heterogeneous reservoirs.
  7. Design and development of environmentally friendly nanomaterials for chemical working fluids.
  8. Multiscale multiphase flow in a porous medium.



The Kazakh-British Technical University pursues a strategy to develop relations with the PRC and has established ties with 15 PRC universities and companies over the past year .

Potential international partners of the One Belt, One Road Institute are 28 members of International Association of Energy Universities (IAEU) in 16 countries, including China, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Malaysia.



The participation of KBTU in IAEU, the creation of the Oil Engineering Institute "One Belt, One Road" will open the prospect for the young generation of engineers in the oil and gas industry to get an education in the world's leading energy universities and will be a powerful motivation in the development of new science-intensive technologies and materials for the oil and gas industry.

Responsible - Honorary Director of the Petroleum Engineering Institute "One Belt, One Road", Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Aidarova Saule Bailyarovna, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.