In 2020, a group of KBTU alumni founded leadership network (Women Empowerment@KBTU) with the goal to connect students, alumni, administrators and faculty of KBTU. Our ambition is to provide an arena for networking and a platform from which to address issues of particular concern to women in the KBTU community and beyond.


Leadership Network at KBTU (WE@KBTU) is a non profit organization, based on KBTU, supported by the KBTU Alumni and KBTU Management


WE@KBTU aims to develop open, vibrant and equitable community of KBTU female students, alumni, mentors and supporters

WE@KBTU celebrate diversity and inclusion in our network. We welcome interested in being part of, supporting and mentoring, of all races, mantional origins, sexual orientations and physical abilities.

WE@KBTU would like to contribute to the acknowledgment of women’s contributions and leadership styles in various industries and across the world.



"Our goal is to increase and strengthen women’s presence, voices, equity, and leadership within the University and the larger society. We would like to provide opportunities for networking and a platform from which to address issues of particular concern to women within the University and beyond".


Assel Issina

Founder and Chairman

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WE@KBTU would like to establish a scholarship for the girls and invites you to donate and support the program. Learn more about how you can support students.


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