In 2024, the 79th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War is celebrated. 79 years have passed since the Soviet people won a complete and final victory over Nazi Germany.

May 9, 1945 was a non-working day of national celebration, when people took to the streets of their cities to mark the end of the war. Festive events took place all over the country, and in the evening the chairman of the Council of People's Commissars Joseph Stalin addressed the people and the first fireworks thundered.

The very first Victory Day in May 1945 was celebrated with rallies, concerts, and large-scale folk festivals. Gradually, Victory Day acquired a number of its own traditions and symbols, which to this day are an obligatory attribute of this holiday.

Victory Day is not just a celebration in honor of the end of one of the most terrible wars in world history. Victory Day is primarily a celebration of courage, honor and bravery, a reminder of how important it is to be a united people.

The May 9th holiday is also a reminder of the horrors, pain and suffering this war has brought to people all over the world. On Victory Day, people often talk about how important it is to preserve the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War so that this never happens again.


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