May 7 is Defender of the Fatherland Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This is a holiday that shows that an independent country has its own protective abilities. The reason for the celebration of this day was the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev dated May 7, 1992 in connection with the foundations of the legal rights of an independent country and the agreements reached between the member states of the Friendship of independent States. According to this decree, the Armed Forces stationed on the territory of Kazakhstan, along with their property, were transferred to the jurisdiction of the republic.

On October 4, 2012, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan revised the law on holidays and recognized May 7 as a public holiday. According to the law, May 7 was approved as a day off.

Congratulations to the defenders of the Fatherland on the holiday! We wish good health to those who will become the backbone of our Motherland!

In honor of this holiday, the Scientific Library organized an exhibition. The following books were presented at the exhibition:


1. Ardager magazine.

2. Musrepov Habit. A soldier from Kazakhstan: A story.- Alma-Ata: Zhazushi, 1988-208s.

3. Samsonov A.M. Memory of the past.-M.:Nauka. 1988. – 480s.