The Holiday of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan is a public holiday in Kazakhstan, celebrated annually on May 1. The holiday began to be celebrated in 1996. On October 18, 1995, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree declaring May 1 the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan. This is a celebration of the unity of all peoples living in Kazakhstan. This bright spring festival is held in every city of Kazakhstan. It is of great importance that various cultural centers participate in the holiday in order to familiarize the people of Kazakhstan with the traditions of other nations. Fun dances, sports competitions – all this makes the event one of the brightest and most beloved holidays for the people of Kazakhstan.



The list of textbooks on display:


1. Oleg Dymov. We, the people of Kazakhstan...: We are the people of Kazakhstan. - Astana, 2004.

2. The peoples of Kazakhstan. An encyclopedic reference book. - Almaty : Arys, 2003

3. Ayagan B.G. Symbols of independence.- Almaty : Rarity, 2011

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5. Kazakhstanika: encyclopedia of the Kazakh way in 6 volumes:Vol. 1: Spiritual heritage. In 3 parts. Part 2. Vol.1.

6. My Homeland-Kazakhstan.- Almaty, 2016

7.The Kazakh Way 2050