Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the day when a country with a deep history once again became a sovereign state in a new era. Independence Day is celebrated every year on December 16. On December 16, festive cultural and entertainment events will be held in all corners of Kazakhstan. In the evening, the sky of major centers is covered with fireworks. Independence is a significant holiday not only for residents of Kazakhstan, but also for representatives of the Kazakh people abroad. In 1991, the USSR collapsed, and the countries of the Union became independent states. Kazakhstan was among them. On December 16, 1991, the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan adopted the law "On Independence and State Sovereignty". It should be noted that Kazakhstan was the last among the USSR countries to adopt the Law on Independence. This law, together with the Declaration of Independence of Kazakhstan, adopted on October 25, 1990, strengthened the country of the Kazakh nation.     


In honor of this holiday, the Scientific Library organized an exhibition.


The following books were presented at the exhibition:


1. 1986. December: in 5 volumes.Vol. -2. - Almaty: Arna-b, 2011. - 376p.

2. 1986. December: in 5 volumes.T.-3. - Almaty: Arna-b, 2011. - 274p.

3. 1986. December: in 5 volumes.T.-4. - Almaty: Arna-b, 2011. - 362p

4. Almaty.1986. December: in 5 volumes.T.-5. - Almaty: Arna-b, 2011. - 382p

5. 1986. December: in 5 volumes.T.-1. - Almaty: Arna-b, 2011. - 464p

6. Independent Kazakhstan:day after day.Chronicle of events.Vol. 1 (1990-1995): Collection of documents / comp.:B. G. Ayagan,A.M. Auanasova, R. A. Kudaibergenov.Edited by B. G. Ayagan. - Almaty: Rarity, 2011. - 320p.

7. Morozov A. A. Kazakhstan for the years of independence : a popular scientific publication. - Almaty : KISI under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2005. - 236p

8. Nazarbayev Nursultan Abishevich. Milestones of independence. - Almaty: Zhibek zholy, 2010. - 344p

9. Sadilbek Usenov. The ideas of Nursultan Nazarbayev-the ideology of independent Kazakhstan / aud.Kulyash Tulentaeva. - Almaty, 2016. - 284p

10. Alma-Ata. 1986. December. Alma-Ata: Collegium "translation": Golden Horde, 1991-176 p.

11.Alma-Ata. 1986: December. Per. N. Kenzhegulova. - Alma-Ata: Collegium "translation": RGGI "epoch", 1992. 192 p.