In the Kazakh-British Technical University under the guidance of a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Nussupov K.Kh. new developments in the field of wind energy are created and patented (USA, European Union, Kazakhstan).

The purpose of the development is creation of a multistage wind installation in order to accelerate the wind and convert its kinetic energy into electrical energy with obtaining more power in comparison with analogues.

A multistage slotted wind turbine consists of a fixed tower-support and a movable wind-conductor, including hubs, blades connected to a generator, a weather vane, a lightning rod, and several series-connected modules consisting of central and peripheral confusors connected by virtual openings that connect to the classic Venturi tube consisting of confuser, neck and diffuser. The wind flow captured from the working part of the wind turbine is compressed from all sides, increasing the speed of the directed air flow acting on the screw.

High efficiency of conversion of wind energy into electrical energy is achieved due to the modularity of the installation, in which wind acceleration occurs on each module due to the process of capturing the initial wind flow, as well as ejection and aerodynamic Coand effect, virtual necks and nested confusion tapers. The system of truncated cones and virtual necks with optimal aerodynamic dimensions ensures the capture of the air flow not only perpendicular to the base of these cones, but also from the lateral surface of these cones.

An experimental example of the wind turbine is installed on the shore of the Kapshagay lake.

The preliminary report on patentability in relation to the novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability of wind turbines received a written opinion of “Yes” by international bodies of the European Union on all five statements of the international patent application No. PCT / KZ2017 / 000007.

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