"Solving strategic and applied tasks in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan"


Kazakh-British Technical University is the largest and most advanced training and research center in Kazakhstan, which carries out fundamental and applied research for the oil and gas industry and the development of modern technological solutions for practical applications.

The goal of the TFP is to solve strategic and applied tasks in the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan with the involvement of the latest achievements of the geological, technical, petrochemical industries of the economy.

Research Methods

A wide range of modern laboratory and instrumental methods are used for solving the strategic tasks at the first stage of work.

Work results in the main areas:

1. A geological and geophysical model of the deep structure of Southern Kazakhstan has been developed and the criteria for its petroleum potential have been determined.

2. Selection of polymers was made for modification by the method of polymer similar transformations.

3. The change in the influence of electric current parameters on the microstructure of inorganic aqueous solutions was determined and analyzed.

4. The composition, microstructure and electrophysical characteristics of oil from various fields, including those using cryotechnics, have been studied.

5. Obtained new ionic fluids based on epichlorohydrin for further coordination to transition metal complexes.

6. The method for producing carbon nanostructures has been worked out.

7. A facility for thermal desorption studies of refinery materials has been created.

8. The analysis of analogs of classical inequalities on stratified pluralities and their application to the study of boundary value problems was carried out.

9. Synthesis of polyurethane (prepolymer) for anti-corrosion coatings was carried out.

The novelty of the work lies in the complex application of the synthesis of modern data on geology, technical and technological accompaniment, for solving the most important issues of the oil and petrochemical industry of Kazakhstan.

The field of application of research results is the oil & gas and petrochemical industries of the country and its individual divisions.

Thus, a research program is being developed dedicated to geological modeling, the technological aspects of the oil refining industry, catalyst synthesis and corrosion studies.

Projects and developments