The purpose of the development is the creation of a domestic production of bifacial silicon solar batteries with high efficiency 16% on each side, with the formation of p-n-junctions, passivating layers, diffusion barriers, ohmic contacts and antireflection coatings to the front and back sides of solar cells by using the technologies of ion implantation, magnetron sputtering, electron-beam and ion-beam treatment.

Currently developed:

1) technological route for the chemical removal of the defective surface layer and obtaining a smooth mirror surface of silicon wafers;

2) technology for obtaining high-quality p-n- junction;

3) technology of manufacturing a selective emitter for efficient use of the blue part of the solar spectrum and increasing the efficiency;

4) technology of passivation of the silicon surface to increase efficiency;

5) technology for the synthesis of Si and SiC nanocrystals for converting the ultraviolet part of the spectrum into the visible region of the spectrum and increasing the efficiency;

6) techniques for determining the thickness, chemical composition and structure of nanolayers;

7) technology for the synthesis of an effective diffusion barrier of a complex composition based on Ti-N between copper metallization and a silicon substrate;

8) synthesis technology of nanolayers TiSi2 for the contact system;

9) the technology of creating a multilayer contact system of the front and back sides of the element to increase the service life of solar cells;

10) technology of synthesis of antireflection coatings of solar cells;

11) photolithography technology for layer-by-layer deposition of nanostructures;

12) laser cutting of silicon wafers to remove short circuits;

13) technology of lamination and encapsulation of solar panels;

14) methods for measuring current-voltage characteristics and efficiency;

15) testing solar modules on the sun simulator;

16) assembly of minipower plants, etc.

Comparison with analogues: Long service life - 30 years, efficiency - up to 16% on each side, cost price - $ 1.2 per 1W.


Applications: Solar energy, space technology.

Projects and developments