Almaty, June 3, 2024 — The Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) held a meeting with representatives of the German office of Janser Academy and the Kazakh office of Janser Academy to discuss prospects for the joint development of educational programs and advanced training courses.



KBTU and Janser Academy agreed to continue cooperation within the framework of the UNDP project activities and organize additional German language courses for Afghan students, employment courses, conduct an internship at Janser Academy in Almaty, as well as discuss the possibilities of new modules and TVET courses that will allow them to obtain international certificates and find a job internationally the market, including in Germany.



The parties also discussed the organization of summer schools and short-term programs for first-year students and teenagers in the fields of robotics, digital engineering and language courses. These programs will include modules from both KBTU and leading German universities, which will provide a wide range of knowledge and skills for participants.



If you are interested, please contact the KBTU Department of Continuing Education. Phone number: +7 (727) 357 42 42, (ext. 181, 180, 183)