Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, Associate Professor of KBTU Batryshev Didar Galymovich and KBTU Professor Shamoi Pakizar Sulgadinovna joined the Council of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan. They will participate in the work of the organization in the field of sciences "On Earth, space and communications".



The new organization brought together the youth leaders of Kazakh science in order to attract young talents to scientific activities. The organization's activities are closely integrated with the national scientific and educational policy of the republic, as well as with programs to support innovation and technological development. Its tasks include raising the status of young scientists, combating brain drain by creating attractive conditions for the involvement of young talents in science, raising salaries, increasing the number of grants and providing housing.



In total, the Council of Young Scientists includes 23 specialists from leading Kazakhstani research institutes and universities who will work in the areas of "On Agrobioresources and Ecology", "On Life and Health", "On Education and Civil Society" and "On Earth, Space and communications".


Professor Shamoi P.S. is a Doctor of Ph.D. in Engineering, In 2019 she defended her doctoral dissertation at Mie University (Japan). Scientific experience of more than 13 years, he is actively engaged in scientific activities in the field of And, fuzzy logic and sets, machine learning, soft computing, intelligent methods of representing and processing colors in computer systems. During his work, more than 33 scientific publications were published, 22 of them are indexed in Scopus, the Hirsch index in Scopus = 5, Google Scholar = 8. At the same time, awards for the best article were received 4 times. I have published 1 textbook. The winner of the competition “The best university teacher” in 2022. She participated in the organization and worked in the organization of the committee of a number of international conferences - ICCA-SSIS 2017, Otsu, Japan; SCIS-ISIS 2022, Mie, Japan; EUSPN 2023, Almaty, Kazakhstan. He is an active popularizer of science in social networks.



Associate Professor Batryshev D.G., PhD in "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology". Scientific interest covers such areas as nanotechnology and nanomaterials, plasma physics and plasma technologies. He has published more than 100 scientific papers. The Hirsch index is 5. He has 6 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. D.G. Baryshev completed a scientific internship at Busan National University. D.G. Baryshev has repeatedly delivered scientific reports at prestigious International conferences in the far and near abroad (Germany, Italy, Portugal, England, Poland, China, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus). Batryshev D.G. is the holder of the state scholarship for talented young scientists (2018), the winner of the D.A. Kunaev State Prize for young scientists for the best work in the field of natural sciences (2020).