On 28 October, KBTU students took an active part and won prizes at the Business Valuation case Solving Championship held in the KIMEP.

It should be additionally mentioned, that team of Yedige Ersultan and Garif Januzak took the 1-st place, and won the case. Moreover, team of Yeleyuova Fariza, Zulpaidar Zhanaidar, Zharkynova Aruzhan took the 2-nd place.

We want also express our gratitude for other students, who participated in the case:
- Bektemisova Madina, Kubaev Miras , Burkitbay Aidana
- Kuliyas Shyngys, Zerdeliuly Zein, Daniyar Amirzhan
- Eva Maksimova, Adiya Kamalova, Masanchi Yasmin, Moldagali Eldana

We would like to congratulate the participants of the groups and wish them good luck in the upcoming cases!

We would like to thank the @kbtu.case.club for their help in participating in the case championship.