The Maritime Academy at the Kazakh-British Technical University has no analogues in the country.

On April 7, KBTU hosted an event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy (hereinafter - KMA). The event brought together representatives of large Kazakhstan maritime and oil companies such as TCO, KMTF, COC, NCOC, etc., as well as foreign companies Chevron, STC International, Mercy Ships, SAAB, Staff Center Group, which contributed to the development of the Maritime Academy.

Over the years, the Academy has graduated 124 sailors who successfully work both on ships and in coastal positions related to the sea. KMA graduates are an important human capital of the country and for this reason are in demand in such large companies as Kazmortransflot, NCOC, COC, Topaz Marine, TCO and other global corporations. 50% of KMA seafarers are in demand in Panama and around the world.

It is worth recalling that in 2021, the Commission of Independent Experts of the International Maritime Organization included Kazakhstan in the ‘White List’, thereby ensuring the recognition of professional diplomas of Kazakhstan seafarers by the international community and allowing them to work in all signatory states of the STCW Convention.

Ramil Biktashev, Dean of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy:

“We are the only ones in the country who train specialists according to all international standards. The Academy admits only 25–30 cadets annually. We train navigators and ship mechanics. According to the convention, the KMA provides cadets with 365 days of practice at sea. Every year we send students to the Caspian Sea. This year, for instance, Kazmortransflot provided 18 places. Also, from year to year there is a growing trend and more companies support, cooperate with the Maritime Academy and accept our cadets for practice. We have also launched master's programs that are unique for the entire CIS.”

A variety of marine laboratories, simulators, international maritime practice, and qualified teachers trained in Germany, Oman, the USA and the Netherlands, allow the programs of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy to pass international audits year after year.

Maratbek Gabdullin, rector of the Kazakh-British Technical University:

“Today, we can say with confidence that the KMA contributes to the implementation of the tasks of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of the maritime industry. Over the 10 years of its existence, the graduates of the Academy have managed to form a team of competitive and competent seafarers who can work both on Kazakh and foreign ships in any country in the world. The KMA diploma in the maritime companies of Kazakhstan is associated with highly qualified personnel, respectively, giving graduates wide career opportunities.”

The establishment of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy in 2012 was supported by Tengizchevroil and NCOC. Laurie Sasko, General Director of Marketing and Transportation, Tengizchevroil:


“Kazakhstan Maritime Academy is a national educational program. Back in 2009, when we supported the development of the maritime industry in Kazakhstan, we understood that Kazakhstan is a country rich in resources and people, and the key to success, in this case, is the transportation of its raw materials to the world. It is also important that the Kazakhstan Academy is different in that already in 2012, in the first graduation, 30% of those who entered were women. KMA is the only Academy that accepts women in the maritime industry. For TCO, this is a huge pride and achievement.”


Djirre Jan Schutte, Senior Project Manager of STC Group Holding BV, said that in the early years, lecturers from the Netherlands taught at the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy, who trained Kazakh teachers and jointly developed the curriculum:


“In 2011, a request came to us. I remember when we were offered to go to London, there were many different schools. Then we heard about the initiative to create a Maritime Academy in Kazakhstan. Everyone thought “How is it possible to launch a maritime academy in the mountains?”. But we love challenges. We submitted an offer and became a partner of the KMA… I am very pleased that the Academy is growing, the partnership is expanding, projects are scaling up, and programs are developing. We initially set a goal - to train maritime leaders, not just sailors and cadets.”


The celebration of the 10th anniversary was also attended by graduates of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy, who congratulated the Academy and spoke about their experience of practicing at sea. Ayakoz Slambayeva, graduate of 2020:


“The academy is a special place for us. When we came to KMA, we were not ordinary students, like in other parts of the world. We didn't see the sea and we didn't have sailors' parents. In addition to the high quality of education, each KMA student has a special place in our hearts for us. Due to the academy, we got internships in companies, and on ships, we saw the world. I recently completed an internship on a project with NCOC as a Marine Specialist. Even if the majority did not work at sea, we applied all the knowledge that we received and managed.”


Within the framework of the 10th anniversary, a memorandum of cooperation on the development of education between the Kazakh-British Technical University and Kazmortransflot was also signed. The memorandum implies improvement of personnel training, strengthening of practical training of the process, as well as joint research and implementation of their results in the company's activities.


Aidar Orzhanov, General Director of NMSC Kazmortransflot, said that today 18 cadets from the Marine Academy of KBTU are practicing in the national company:


“Now the best graduates will go to tankers in the open seas. I would like to note that we do not take only cadets for practice, KMA graduates are already working on our ships. I value your education highly because I see how graduates show themselves at work. Here, a cadet of the Maritime Academy of KBTU has already become a senior assistant for 4 years and will soon become a captain - this says a lot. Our girls also work as third assistants, they carry our oil in the Caspian Sea. Close attention is now being paid to the navy of Kazakhstan, so we need young specialists.”


This year, a memorandum was also signed with the Indian company TMC Shipping. Today, the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy continues to work on developing cooperation with large maritime and transportation companies, aiming to increase open maritime practice and to train highly qualified specialists for their country.