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On February 6, 2021, was held the first face-to-face meeting of the KBTU Rector with the Board of the KBTU ALUMNI Association.

Within the framework of the meeting, took place an extensive tour of laboratories and pavilions (Huawei, Emerson, Halyk Bank, Honeywell, etc.), visits to dean's offices and the opening of the office of the Alumni Association.

In addition to the graduates who came from the cities of Nur-Sultan, Aktau, Shymkent, Aktobe, there were participants in the online format from such countries as Norway, Russia, and Singapore. The Rector of KBTU Ibrashev Kenzhebek Niyazovich spoke about the achievements of the University in last years, plans for the medium-term period, as well as support for the creation of the Association and the need for close cooperation.

«The doors of the university are always open for our graduates. The creation of the Council of the Association will give a new impetus to the interaction of KBTU, its students and graduates to achieve common goals», - Kenzhebek Niyazovich said in his welcoming speech.

On the part of the graduates, the President of the Association Dyusembayev Medet, together with the heads of the directions, told about the goals and work plans of the Council of the Association, about already implemented projects, including:

- launch of the Mentoring program;

- launch of a social program for talented university students;

- creating a single platform for graduates and students;

- development of the KBTU startup ecosystem;

- creating a page in the social network facebook;

- opening of the Leadership School for KBTU girls;

- international cooperation and much more.

«Each of us today in the walls of KBTU again felt a continuous connection with his native alma mater. We already have more than 6,000 graduates, qualified specialists who work in many countries of the world, and I am sure that we will be able to involve even more active and not indifferent to the fate of the university in the work of the Association», - Medet summed up his speech.

KBTU management supported the Association's Work Plan and expressed readiness to provide any necessary support in its joint implementation.

 «The Council of the Association has gathered a strong team of active and creative graduates, with whom we have already divided into committees, started implementing specific projects and will use the best international practices of the ALUMNI communities», - said Ekaterina Smolyakova, Vice - Rector for Organizational and Educational Work, coordinator of the Alumni Association project from the university.

Several graduates have expressed a desire to create and start funding a scholarship program for students from graduates. Moreover, some of the graduates who participated in the event expressed their willingness to make the first contribution to the Endowment Fund for a substantial amount.