A Master's degree is a level of higher education that involves an in-depth professional specialization. After enrolling in the Master's program, a student can continue his/her studies in his/her previous specialty or choose a new one, thus obtaining a second profession.

After successful completion of the Master's program the graduate receives a state diploma with a Master's degree. A master's degree gives graduates many competitive advantages over graduates of bachelor's programs. The knowledge and competencies acquired facilitate graduate students' career and professional growth prospects, as well as more favorable working conditions and competitive salaries.

Studying in one of KBTU's master's programs is a significant investment in a future professional career in engineering, technology, business and management. In addition to broad career prospects, a master's degree allows developing important professional skills and laying the academic foundation for further doctoral studies.


Kazakh-British Technical University trains masters in two directions:

1) Profile master's degree with a term of study of 1 and 1.5 years

2) scientific-pedagogical magistracy with a term of training of 2 years


The Master's program has a more applied character; all disciplines are aimed at deepening of professional training of specialists. Training at the profile master's program can be combined with work under the condition of attending classes. Term of training - 1-1,5 years (depending on a specialty).

If you plan to do further research and teaching, you need to enroll in Master Program of research and teaching areas, as in the educational plans of the direction more hours are allocated to scientific research and disciplines ofpedagogical direction. Later, after obtaining the degree of "Master" in scientific and pedagogical direction, you can continue studying and enroll in doctoral PhD program.

However, if you have completed master's program, but want to do research or educational activities, you can "get" credits for pedagogy and other disciplines of scientific and pedagogical cycle and get addition to the diploma.


Language of instruction: English

Form of training: Full-time, evening classes


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