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Kazakh-British Technical University provides training for PhD students based on Master’s degree educational programs.

Admission requirements to PhD programs of KBTU are:

  • a Master’s degree
  • a certificate upon completion of pedagogical sessions for persons with a master's degree in a specialized field
  • a Master’s degree or a diploma of higher vocational training equal in value to a Master’s degree for DBA applicants;
  • at least one year work experience in the field

KBTU accepts applications for groups of educational doctoral programs on the terms of training for the state educational order as part of targeted training and on paid basis at the expense of a student or other sources.


Educational doctoral programs of KBTU


Educational program code

Master’s educational programs

Educational program

Faculty of Energy and Oil and Gas Industry



Oil Engineering

Oil and Gas Industry

Scientific and Educational Center of Chemical Engineering



Chemical Engineering and Processes

Chemical Technology of Organic Substances


Chemical Technology of Non-organic Substances


Oil Chemistry

Faculty of Information Technology



Information Technologies

Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Management

Scientific and Educational Center of Mathematics and Cybernetics



Information Technologies

Mathematical and Computer Modeling

Business School



Management and Administration



Project Management


Business Administration DBA

Scientific and Educational Center of Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology



Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (within a particular field)

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (within a particular field)



The procedure for examinations and admission to doctoral studies



On a competitive basis, persons who scored the highest scores for the entrance exam are enrolled on a doctoral program according to state educational order.


Scale for transferring points to the grading system for admission to doctoral studies


Points out of 100

Grades out of 5


Excellent (5)



Good (4)





Satisfactory (3)





Poor (2)


Individuals graduated from a Master's program should submit a certificate of completing pedagogical sessions of the established standard upon their enrollment in PhD. Otherwise, holders of a Master’s degree in the same specialty as the doctoral program they are applying for will need to do an additional postgraduate educational program in Pedagogy.


Content of the postgraduate educational program in Pedagogy for individuals graduating from a Master’s program in the same field.


№ п/п

Groups of disciplines and activities

Total workload

In academic hours

in academic credits


Theoretical training




Basic disciplines (BD)




University Component (UC):








History and Philosophy of the Science




Higher Education Pedagogy




Pedagogical Internship




Elective Component (EC)




Major Disciplines (MD)




University Component (UC)




Elective Component (EC)





At least 900

At least 30


 If the profile of the doctoral educational program coincides with the master's program, the learning outcomes of the previous education level are automatically recognized; if the profile of the doctoral educational program does not coincide with the master's program, pre-requisites are set for the doctoral candidate to familiarize.

The list of the mandatory prerequisites is defined by the relevant faculty and is reflected in the program of entrance examinations. In case of absence of the necessary prerequisites, the doctoral candidate has the right to master them on a paid basis before the start of training. The schedule for passing prerequisites is reviewed and approved at the faculties.


List of prerequisites required for doctoral studies




Group code of the educational program


Group names of doctoral educational programs


Educational Program

List of prerequisite disciplines



Information technologies

Computer science, computer engineering and control

Prerequisites are not provided



Management and control


Human Resource management


Project management

Project management


Business administration

Prerequisites are not provided



Information technologies

Mathematical and computer modelling

Linear algebra;

Calculus 1,2,3;

Differential geometry;

Equations of mathematical physics.



Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (by fields of application)

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (by fields of application)

Solid state physics;

Semiconductor physics.



Petroleum engineering

Petroleum engineering

Introduction to petroleum engineering;

Techniques and technology for the development of oil and gas field.



Chemical engineering and processes

Chemical technology of organic substances

General chemical technology;

Organic chemistry.



General Chemical technology;

Chemistry of oil and gas;

Technology of oil and gas refining.


Chemical technology of non-organic substances

General Chemical technology;

Production technology of mom-organic substances.



Metallurgical engineering


Theory of metallurgic processes



Materials science and technology of new materials

Materials science and technology of new materials

Solid state physics;

Semiconductor physics.

Mechanical properties of metals


Changes may be made in the list of prerequisites in the event of changes in the curriculum of the doctoral educational programs.

Prerequisites and programs of post-graduate education of pedagogical profile are mastered on paid basis.

Entrance exam for applicants wishing to enter KBTU is held only in KBTU within the groups of doctoral educational programs.

Persons entering the KBTU educational program groups are exempted from entrance exams for doctoral studies if they have an international certificate of passing the standardized Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test with scores according to the table.


The scale for the transfer of points of the international certificate of the standardized test GRE into the points of the entrance exam for PhD program.


International Standardized test GRE

Entrance exams

Test sections

 Points for Education Areas

"Pedagogical sciences", areas of training "Humanities", "Social Sciences"

Points for education areas “Natural science, mathematics and statistics”, “Information-Communication technologies”, “Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries”, areas of personnel training “Business and management”



Quantitative Reasoning

Not less than 159 points

Not less than 164 points

Entrance exam on the educational program group profile


Verbal Reasoning

Not less than 149 points

Not less than 145 points

International certificate confirming a foreign language proficiency in accordance with common-European competencies (standards) of foreign language knowledge.


Analytical Writing

Not less than 3 points

Not less than 2 points


Threshold requirements of international certificates confirming foreign language knowledge


Applicants to the PhD program are required to provide international certificates confirming knowledge of English in accordance with the common-European competencies (standards) of knowledge of a foreign language.


International certificate

Threshold point not less than/ not lower than





Duolingo English Test



460 points


46 points


453 points


level B2

DSH (German language)

Niveau С1/level C1

TFI (French language)

Level В2

DELF (French language)

Level B2

DALF (French language)

Level В2

TCF (French language)

50 points


* Threshold points may vary – regulated by MES RoK

The authenticity of the submitted certificates is checked by the admissions committee.

Persons who have graduated from foreign universities in the countries whose state or official language is English and have specialized accreditation of foreign accredited bodies included in the registers and (or) associations of accreditation bodies of the member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) during 5 years do not provide international certificates confirming knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with the common-European competencies (standards) of knowledge of a foreign language specified in this paragraph.

The applicant who submitted documents for PhD programs of the Business School, SEC CE, SEC MC, FGGE before passing the entrance exams should speak at the faculty meeting with the presentation of the concept of the dissertation research. The package of documents required for admission to doctoral studies, the applicant submits only upon receipt of a positive recommendation by the Academic Teaching Staff.

For the period of entrance examinations for PhD studies at KBTU, examination commissions are created according to the groups of educational programs. The creation of one examination committee in related areas of training is allowed.

Examination committees according to the groups of educational programs are formed from the number of the Academic teaching staff, KBTU employees with a doctorate degree or a candidate of science or Ph.D. degree in the corresponding profile.

The members of the examination committees with the indication of their chairmen is approved by order of the Rector (Chairman of the Board) of KBTU.

20 (twenty) calendar days before the exams, KBTU sends a schedule of entrance examinations for groups of educational doctoral programs to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The results of the entrance exam are documented in a sheet of assessments and the protocol of the committee in free form, which are transmitted to the responsible secretary of the admissions committee (his deputy) to announce the results. The protocol of the committee is signed by the chairman and all members of the committee present.

The results of entrance exams are announced on the day they are held.

Within 3 (three) calendar days after the completion of the entrance exam for groups of educational programs of KBTU to the authorized body in the field of education, the final report on the organization and conduct of the entrance exam in any form, as well as copies of orders on the results of the entrance exam.

Enrollment in the number of doctoral students is carried out by the admissions committee on the basis of the entrance exam for groups of educational programs of doctoral studies and a certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with the common-European competencies (standards) of foreign language proficiency.


When enrolled at KBTU, Doctoral students choose an educational program from the list of available ones at their own discretion.

Applicants are enrolled into the targeted Doctoral (PhD) programs on State educational contracts on a competitive basis.

Applications for remaining places under the state educational contracts, including targeted ones, are sent back to the education authorized bodies for further redistribution among OHPE by groups of postgraduate education programs, deadline is September 5 of the calendar year.

Within 10 calendar days KBTU has to submit to the education authorized bodies the final admission report, as well as copies of orders for enrolment in Master and PhD programs on the State educational contracts.


KBTU Doctoral Program Applicants

submit the following documents


List of documents



Application addressed to the Rector (Chairman of the Management Board) in free form



Photocopy of the  valid identity document



Academic degree certificate (original, scan)

Master’s Degree Diploma


A valid international certificate confirming proficiency in a foreign language

With the threshold score





List of scientific and methodological works (scientific publications, research plan, essays and other documents) for the last 3 calendar years

If available


Six 3x4 centimeter size photographs



Medical certificate form 086-У, approved by Order No. 907

Verified by KBTU Medical Service Center


Personal data sheet or another document confirming employment

Verified  by the Human Resources department at the work place


Two letters of recommendation

From scientific and/or academic degree holders having significant practical and/or research experience


Statement of Research Purpose

Presentation of the research rationale at the Faculty meeting  a week before the entrance exam at KBTU


Scientific background on the research topic

A list of publications, conference participation  over the past 2-3 years, directly related to the research topic (25-30%) or an abstract of the future study


The originals are provided together with copies of documents for reconciliation. After reconciliation, the originals are returned. The original academic degree certificate is stored at KBTU until the end of doctoral studies.


* Strong request!

Before submitting your academic degree certificate, make sure that you have a scan or a notarized copy, since the original of your academic degree certificate is kept at the university until the date of graduating the university.


Admission on the State Educational Contract

(Educational grant)


To be enrolled in a Doctoral program an applicant has to submit an international certificate confirming his/her foreign language proficiency in accordance with Common European competencies (standards) of foreign language proficiency and pass an entrance exam on the major of educational doctoral programs with the result of minimum 50 points out of maximum 100 points.

Applicants scored minimum 75 points out of maximum 100 points are enrolled in doctoral program on a state educational contract on a competitive basis.

 If competition results are the same, an applicant with the highest score in the group of the educational program receives the priority right upon enrolling in a doctoral program.

Then such scientific achievements corresponding to the educational program profile are taken into account as: scientific publications, including publications in journals ranking in 1, 2 quartiles according to the Journal Citation Reports of the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science database for the last 3 calendar years; certificates of innovations and research; certificates of scientific scholarships, grants; certificates/diplomas for participation in scientific conferences and competitions.


Admission on

DBA Business Administration program


Kazakh-British Technical University runs DBA "Business Administration" program on the basis of Master's degree programs (a Master's degree or higher special education equivalent to a specialized Master's degree is obligatory).

The admissions committee accepts applications for the DBA educational program "Business Administration" during the year. The DBA program is run on a fee paid basis.

The KBTU doctoral program DBA is designed to train managerial personnel, senior managers having practical experience, as well as people interested in conducting applied research to introduce and develop modern management concepts and models.

When students are enrolled in DBA program, KBTU structural divisions that implement these programs conduct entrance exams, which are mandatory for all forms of training. The structural subdivision of KBTU implementing the DBA program (Center for Postgraduate Education//Business School) determine the form, content, as well as the procedure for conducting entrance exams at its own discretion.

When mastering DBA program, it is possible to get credits transfer, not more than 50% of theoretical training, only for those educational disciplines that were studied within a course of the main professional educational programs of the corresponding level and/or additional educational programs

Upon completion of DBA program, graduates are awarded with the state diploma of the academic degree in "Doctor of Business Administration" and an appendix to the diploma (transcript), a list of studied disciplines with grades and number of credits.



Contacts of the admissions committee

Postgraduate educational programs:


Almaty, Tole bi St., 59 (corner of Abylay Khan St., Old Square)

Schedule of the admissions committee:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 - 19:00

Saturday:                9:00 - 13:00


8 (727) 357 42 77;

8 (727) 357 42 82;

8 (707) 020 2132

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