Meet an exclusive event for KBTU students!

 September 29, 16:00
 Al-Farabi Hall, 4th floor (Tole bi)

Dear KBTU students, we invite you to a unique meeting with Product Manager from Google, Adilet Matkerimov!

Adilet Matkerimov is an alumnus of San Diego State University, SF, and the Product Manager at Google with 7 years of experience. Most importantly, he was one of the original members of the team that built YouTube Shorts from the ground up, and has watched this project evolve to the way we use it today.

At the meeting, you'll learn:
How to get into Google
What exactly Product Manager do
How to interview for this position at Google
Adilet's unique experience in developing and launching YouTube Trust & Safety Shorts

You will be able to ask your questions and discuss relevant topics with Adilet Matkerimov in person! This is a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration for your future career path.

Don't miss this chance! Join us on September 29 at 16:00 in the Al-Farabi Hall of KBTU. Come, share and be inspired!