On May 31, 2024, the defense of graduate projects of undergraduates of the EMBA program "Strategic Risk Management" took place. Undergraduates presented their research on the real problems of companies from the oil and gas, mining and banking industries.


Undergraduates working in various professional fields successfully applied the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies and performed applied research on complex and relevant topics at a high level:


Diana Kulbaeva, using qualitative and general scientific methods of analysis, identified the "bottle neck" in the development and implementation of the digital ecosystem and proposed ways to solve them by building an effective risk-oriented model for the implementation of IT solutions.


Doskanaeva Gulnar, using an econometric apparatus, identified favorable and negative factors of SME credit risk and tested 3 scenarios of loan portfolio dynamics.


Musalimova Zhulduz, through testing two hypotheses, conducting an in-depth interview, as well as using quantitative research methods, the results of which were processed in MatLab, formulated weighty recommendations for improving environmental risk management in a mining company.


Urazgaliyev Bekbolat formulated value recommendations based on scenario analysis technology to optimize the risks of geological assessment of an oil field.


Imashev Almat, using the method of "field research", developed reasoned recommendations for the effective implementation of automation and digitalization of business processes in the risk management system of JSC Caspian Oil.


Sadyk Murat and Sariev Azamat from Сaspi Neft JSC received approval from the company's management to implement the results of the master's study on environmental responsibility in business processes.


KBTU expresses its sincere gratitude to the undergraduates of the EMBA program "Strategic Risk Management" for their full involvement in studies and research. We also thank the management of Caspi neft JSC for the kaizen approach to the research results.


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