Conference on the topic "Achievements of traditional energy in improving oil recovery. The Progress of New Energy Technologies" gathered specialists, scientists and researchers at KBTU from May 20 to 22 to study in depth the latest energy research and technological innovations, as well as sustainable methods of increasing oil recovery. The participants exchanged ideas, discussing the latest scientific achievements and technological innovations in energy and related fields. The best experts from Qatar, China, Sweden, Kazakhstan, the USA, and France spoke to the participants of the conference online and offline.


This event is not only a deep understanding of the current state of the energy industry, but also a clear indication of its future direction. During the international conference, the importance and innovative methods of increasing oil recovery in the field of traditional energy, the prospects of new energy technologies and how advanced technologies can contribute to the sustainable development of the energy sector were considered. For two days, the participants listened to and discussed reports on the energy transition, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage technologies, chemical flooding methods, thermal extraction, solved environmental issues, CO2 flooding technology and solved environmental issues


As a result of the conference, all submitted materials will be reviewed by the academic committee, and after their approval will be included in the collection of conference materials and officially published by KBTU publishing house.