On April 19, KBTU hosted a specialized session on the topical topic "ESG landscape: facets of digital transformation, innovation and sustainability metrics".


ESG is a concept of ethical business conduct based on the principles of environmental (E – environmental), social (S – social) and managerial (G – governance) responsibility, reducing the negative impact on the environment and the social sphere, increasing transparency and strong corporate governance.


The Technical Day was organized by the KBTU Project Management Office.


In his welcoming speech, KBTU Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation Batryshev Didar Galymovich noted the high level of expertise of the event and stressed that KBTU, being one of the leading educational and scientific centers in the region, has all the necessary accreditations and high potential for developing market-demanded innovations on its own laboratory base.


At the end, a tour of the advanced specialized laboratories was conducted for the participants of the Technical Day.