Yesterday, April 18, 2024, in the Independence Hall of JSC KBTU, a meeting of students took place with the director of the historical and feature movie “Mirjaqyp. Oian, qazaq” by Murat Eszhan and producer Aisaule Abilda on the topic “Qazaq úshin sham qylǵan júrek maıyn...”.

The meeting, organized by teachers of the Kazakh language sector of KBTU JSC as an interview, included the “Oı-Tuǵyr” stage in the form of questions and answers, the musical composition “Degdar” prepared by students based on the work of Mirzhakyp, “Shabyt” - reading poetry by students, dedicated to a great personality.

The interview was conducted by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Dauletbekova Zh. T.. The students expressed gratitude to the guests of the evening, asked a wide variety of questions regarding the work of art, and received detailed answers from the authors.

The meeting was an intense and very touching event for the students, which revived historical memory through art and inspired the national spirit. At the end of the evening, the dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences, R. Beisenov, spoke on behalf of the university administration, thanked the guests, and presented memorable gifts. The evening ended with a song performed by teacher A. Akbayeva.