On December 5, 2023, Frenkel Ilya, UI/UX designer of IDOCS, gave a lecture for MBA students "Financial Technologies" on creating User Flow and Wireframes using Figma. The lecture was held as part of the study of the discipline "Design thinking and FINTECH product development".


We thank IDOCS and @lastnamegal discipline teacher Shynar Galieva (co-CEO, Head of Product, co-Founder IDOCSKZ, co-founder at Inlite, founder at Omni Kombucha) for the opportunity to get acquainted with Ilya Frenkel's professional experience and recommendations for creating a fintech product with real user value.


The MBA "Financial Technologies" is also a product, but an educational one, created in the academic partnership of KBTU and NBRK according to the principles of UI/UX with great value for undergraduates and their future employers.


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