The traditional tournament "Chess Semester at KBTU-2023" was held at our Kazakh-British Technical University from November 30 to December 2.

A lot of things happened in the tournament for the first time. The total number of teams was 28 – a record (one more team than in one of the previous tournaments). And this despite the fact that there were even more people willing to participate! However, we had to reject the applications that came last due to the inability to physically accommodate additional teams.

The inconveniences are temporary: the construction of two new KBTU academic buildings is expected to be completed this year, and we expect that at the new location we will not have to calculate whether there are enough square centimeters for an expanded staff.

For the first time, the school team became the winner! Several teams of KBTU focus schools were allowed to participate in the tournament. And the national team of NIS FMN-1 became the winner. It should be noted that three of the four members of this team have already won a grant to study at KBTU during our April school tournament “KBTU: First Acquisition 2023”, so we hope to see them among our students soon. The second place was taken by the MUIT-1 team, and the bronze medalist, as last year, was the KBTU-1 home team. The KBTU-2 team, which took 4th place, also played well.

And finally, for the first time, a team consisting entirely of girls took part in the competition – this is the KBTU-3 national team. It should be noted that our third team did not get lost in the tournament, upsetting many of its rivals.


And now about the winners in the individual competition.

On the first board:

1 – Ksenia Balabayeva (MUIT-1), 2 – Yernazar Isumbayev (Turan), 3 – Daniyal Kazhidinov (Tamos Eductaion-2).

On the second board:

1 – Artemy Pak (NIS NIS PHM-1), 2 – Aituar Zhukenov (IITU-1), 3 – Bekarys Tursynali (KBTU-1).

On the third board:

1 – Tolegen Bolys (NIS PHM-1), 2 – Bekarys Sailau (NIS PHM-2), 3 – Meiram Netayev (KazNPU-2).

On the fourth board:

1 – Maria Fedotova (AUPET), 2 – Shynar Rahat (KazUIRWL-1), 3 – Akbota Yesirkep (KazUIRWL-2).