Halyk OIY is a hackathon organized by Halyk Bank, dedicated to the development of unique projects in a short period of time (about a day).


The KBTU MAANGo team has developed the Halyk Mobility project, which is aimed at organizing transport for all residents of Kazakhstan. The project includes Halyk Taxi and integrates scooters, buses, trains and planes. The main advantage of our project is the automation of processes within the bank itself using artificial intelligence, as well as the organization of transportation of people from home to work and back, allowing to save on taxis.


The team consists of 4th year students of SITE IS: Niyazbek Torekeldi, Abeshov Alen, Masakbai Dilnaz, Kenesbekov Abdurakhim, Zhetesov Nur.


“The idea of our project is based on the knowledge gained in lectures from our respected teacher Zhomart Aldamuratov. This knowledge allowed us to better understand and apply the principles of automation and innovation in the development of our project,” say the team members.


Congratulations, guys, we wish you new victories!