On August 2, 2023, a meeting was held between representatives of the STC Qazaqgaz, Honeywell and KBTU.

From the STC Qazaqgaz and Honeywell, it was attended by: Samekina Saule Serikpaevna - acting General Director of QazaqGaz STC, Mardanov Alibek Kanatbekovich - Deputy General Director of QazaqGaz STC, Yrmaganbetov Azamat Bolatovich - Head of Business Development of the Branch of the STC of ICA JSC, Rakhimzhanov Daulet - Sr Account Manager.

KBTU was represented by: Gabdullin Maratbek Tulebergenovich - Rector (Chairman of the Board), Batryshev Didar Galymovich - Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, Arman Muratovich Ibrayev - Managing Director for Additional Education and Business Development, Ismailov Abdulakhat Abdukarimovich - Dean of the School of Energy and Petroleum Industry.

Questions were considered on aspects of the implementation of tasks within the capabilities of the Нoneywell laboratory at KBTU, the inclusion of Qazaqgaz STC in the Industrial Committee of the School of Energy and Petroleum Industry, the capabilities of the Oil Engineering Institute “One Belt, One Road”, on the capabilities of the ESG center of KBTU and much more.