The crew of the ship "Sunkar" from LLP "Kazmortransflot," including cadets from the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy KBTU, rescued three girls. Earlier, in Mangystau, an operation was underway to search for three girls who were carried away to the open sea on an air mattress. Cadets of the KMA, namely Zhumakhanova Shugla Berikkyzy, Murzagali Adilbek Alibekuly, and Seytkaliyev Daulet Kairatovich, took an active part in the rescue.


We want to share a story from our cadets about the events of that day:


“We received a message on NAVTEX that a rescue operation is starting, and we accepted it. After that, we headed towards the rescue operation. For many hours, we searched for them in complete darkness during the stormy weather, with winds of about 25 knots and terribly cold water - about 15 degrees. We continued to look for them for about an hour, but nothing was visible. Around 6 a.m., a sailor who was on a lookout on the deck of the bridge said he heard someone yelling "help." We immediately went on deck - the second navigator, Adilbek, and the third mechanic. After a moment with a flashlight, they found a small dot in the distance, and it was them.  We did not take our eyes off the victims for a second, pointing at them with our finger so as not to lose sight of them - after all, in pitch darkness, it is very easy.


The captain made a maneuver, and the rescue team put on wetsuits. Adilbek helped them put on their costumes. I was on deck and kept in touch with the victims, even as they began to disappear from view. They were carried away by the wind to our stern, and I ran to the stern so as not to lose them. After the maneuver was successfully completed, and they were abeam us, we threw a circle and a drop to them so that they could keep afloat next to us. I was given the command to bring blankets, towels, and rugs. The girls were taken on board - they were completely exhausted and cold but conscious. The weather was stormy. After they got up, they were immediately given first aid, taken to a warm place, given warm water, and food. This completed the rescue operation. In fact, the fact that we found them is just a miracle because their mattress has already begun to deflate a little, and in an hour it would have completely deflated. It is very easy to get hypothermia at this temperature, and they were blown away by the wind.


Knowing what to do in case of a man overboard alarm, which we regularly practiced, helped me not to panic and act quickly and smoothly."