As part of the development program for the Zhylyoi district of the Atyrau region, Kazakh-British Technical University supported the initiative of the largest oil-producing enterprise in Kazakhstan, Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO), in providing sponsorship assistance to organize recreation in a summer camp for 60 children from large families in the city of Kulsary.

The list of children was determined by the education department of the Zhylyoi region in accordance with the following criteria: good academic performance, winners of olympiads, positive feedback from teachers, and good discipline. The main focus of the initiative was children aged 12 to 16, including those from vulnerable segments of the population (low-income, large families, orphans, or single-parent families).

A comfortable journey was organized for the children from the city of Kulsary to the Almaty mountain camp of KBTU. The camp's territory is adorned with birch and pine groves, providing a picturesque view of the Ile-Alatau National Park at an altitude of 2200 meters. The camp program includes a visit to the pool and quad biking. There are games and competitions in the rope park and other sports areas. In the evenings, children get acquainted with the starry sky in the planetarium, counselors conduct workshops of interest, a football field is available for young football players, experienced pilots of the Aerostat aeronauts club will offer a hot air balloon ride, and a horse riding arena along with other educational activities and competitions are organized for the children. To ensure that schoolchildren have enough strength for a rich program, five meals a day are provided.

Through joint efforts and long-term social support of the Atyrau region by Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO), Kazakh-British Technical University, and the Educational Department of the Atyrau region, a summer vacation in the mountains was organized for the children of the Zhylyoi region. KBTU hopes that this trip for children will remain in memory as a great and fun adventure, giving them a lot of strength for a new successful school year! We look forward to the excellent experience at the KBTU Summer Camp as part of the TCO social support program for children in the Atyrau region to become an annual tradition!