International Well Control Forum (IWCF), based in the UK, is an international non-profit organization that accredits, tests, and certifies specialists in the oil and gas industry in the field of safe drilling and well control (GNVP), which is recognized worldwide.

The IWCF International Forum is continuously involved in research and the development of modern international standards and requirements for training specialists in the oil and gas industry. Their focus is on well control methods to ensure the safety and efficiency of drilling and well operation processes.

The IWCF certification exam assesses the knowledge and practical skills of employees. Candidates undergo an intensive training course and then take an exam that evaluates their understanding of well control principles, loss of control prevention, and effective emergency response.

KBTU is the first IWCF-accredited organization in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Since 2012, KBTU has been providing training and certification in "Well control during drilling using surface air defense" according to IWCF level-3 and 4 international standards. They also have an accredited center in the city of Atyrau with a full-size practical drilling simulator called DrillSim-5000.

Over 1,500 engineers have successfully completed training and certification at KBTU training centers according to IWCF standards. The classes are conducted by experienced instructors and consultants with extensive industry experience in drilling oil and gas wells. The total experience of conducting training seminars on well control during drilling exceeds 1000 hours.


The course covers:

  • Principles and procedures for well management in order to prevent, detect and eliminate complications and accidents that occur during drilling;
  • Well control equipment;
  • Practical skills in restoring primary control over a well using specialized drilling simulators DrillSim (Drilling System, UK).


The practical skills acquired by students while working on DrillSim-5000 and DrillSim-20 simulators include:

  • Carrying out lifting operations under pressure
  • Well drilling
  • Crimping
  • Drill crew management
  • Prevention of oil-gas-water manifestations
  • Well control in case of oil-gas-water show
  • Well cementing operation
  • Conducting a drill string test
  • Casing running
  • Well killing
  • Well completion after workover


The course duration is 7 days, with 56 academic hours (5 days of study, the 6th day for the practical exam, and the 7th day for the written exam). The practical exam is conducted using drilling simulators DrillSim-5000 (Atyrau) and DrillSim-20 (Almaty).

To enroll in the course, you can contact the KBTU Department of Continuing Education using the following contacts: Ulmeken Makasheva, +7 707 799 93 01, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..