This year, the application for the Erasmus+ joint project between KBTU and TUO on International Credit Mobility was once again approved. The project aims to facilitate mobility of students and staff between the two institutions. KBTU has been engaged in collaboration with the Technical University of Ostrava since 2019. Thanks to the Erasmus+ grant, delegations from both universities exchanged visits in 2022, and KBTU students had the opportunity to study in Ostrava during the spring semester of that year.


On June 30, 2023, a round table discussion was held on the topic of the impact of energy transition and digitalization on the future prospects of the exploration industry. The event brought together doctoral students, staff members, and industry experts. Viktor Babashev, Vice-Chairman of the UNECE Resource Management Expert Group, delivered a presentation on "UNFC and UNRMS in Central Asia: Ways Forward," while Ansar Seitzhanov, a Specialist from NAC Kazatomprom JSC, shared insights on the current situation in the uranium mining industry. In addition to the geological field, reports focusing on the oil and gas industry were also presented.


The participants of the Round Table unanimously agreed that given the ongoing changes in the field of geology and the emerging trends in geological exploration, such events are essential for fostering cooperation, facilitating the exchange of experiences, and should be further expanded in scale.