The academic partnership between KBTU and the NBRK is being implemented as part of the Master's educational programs from the 2023-2024 academic year in the following areas:


  • МВА «Financial Risk Management and Data Science»
  • МВА «Macrofinance and Data Science»
  • МВА «Financial Technologies»


This decision was announced at the 10th-anniversary meeting of the KBTU Advisory Council on July 5.


The cooperation between the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh-British Technical University presents a unique opportunity for students to receive a comprehensive and practical education. These proposed study programs are designed to meet global professional requirements for modern financiers, encompassing traditional financial, economic, and mathematical skills, as well as proficiency in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


According to Maratbek Gabdullin, the Rector (Chairman of the Board) of KBTU, significant collaborative work has been accomplished since the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the NBRK and KBTU in February 2023. He stated that robust curricula have been developed, enabling students to master two professions—finance and data science—over a two-year period. Additionally, the programs aim to cultivate research competencies among the students. Gabdullin emphasized the unique professional expertise and research experience of NBRK employees and KBTU professors involved in the educational process of these new master's programs.





«Vitaliy Tutushkin, Deputy Chairman of the NBRK, highlighted the National Bank's strong interest in training highly qualified personnel with deep interdisciplinary competencies in economics, finance, mathematics, programming, and data science. He also acknowledged KBTU's strong academic and scientific reputation in these areas.


Tutushkin expressed gratitude to the leadership of KBTU for supporting the National Bank's social initiative by providing KBTU grants in addition to grants and scholarships from the NBRK.


The Rector (Chairman of the Board) underscored that the educational and scientific initiatives of the National Bank of Kazakhstan serve as shining examples of the strategic approach to implementing human capital development programs, with a focus on corporate social responsibility principles. These initiatives set a benchmark for the business community in Kazakhstan.