KBTU's Executive MBA (EMBA) program is designed for individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in business management and complex business processes, with the aim of opening up new career prospects.


Advantages of the KBTU EMBA Program:


  1. Managerial Skills: The program is tailored for managers and professionals seeking personal development and the improvement of high-level managerial skills, including strategic planning, leadership, finance, marketing, and other crucial aspects of business.
  2. Networking: The program attracts experienced professionals from across the Central Asian region, providing a unique opportunity to expand and establish contacts with colleagues from various industries and countries.
  3. Practical Case Studies: The program emphasizes practical projects that allow participants to apply learned concepts and strategies in real-life situations, enhancing their decision-making skills and ability to develop effective solutions to complex business problems.
  4. Flexible Schedule: The program is designed for active professionals and offers a flexible training format that allows for a combination of work and study. Modules can be conducted on weekends or evenings, and seminar classes are available through online platforms.
  5. Enhanced Career Prospects: Obtaining an EMBA degree from KBTU demonstrates a commitment to professional and personal development. A KBTU diploma serves as an advantage when seeking promotions or exploring new career opportunities.


Program Details:

  • Study cost: 2,760,000 tenge* (discounts available for corporate groups).
  • Program duration: 12-18 months.
  • Offline learning format.


To learn more about the study conditions and admission requirements, please visit the KBTU website or contact the Department of Continuing Education at KBTU:


Phone: +7 727 357 42 42 (ext. 183, 1180, 357, 554)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.