MIT is the most prestigious technical educational institution in the United States.


On April 27, Maratbek Gabdullin, the rector of the Kazakh-British Technical University, held a meeting with the professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of the USA and the director of the MIT Sloan System Dynamics Group, John Sterman, where the ways of cooperation were discussed. During the visit, the rector of KBTU spoke about the initiative of Kazakhstan University in the field of working with big data and energy transition.


As a result of the dialogue between the two universities, KBTU representatives decided to join the System Dynamics community. Today, systems dynamics is taught around the world and used by corporations, nonprofit organizations, schools, and governments to solve complex problems in areas ranging from organizational change to climate change, from physiology to fiscal policy. Current research at the MIT Sloan System Dynamics Group focuses on organizational capability and strategy, process improvement, environmental and social sustainability, climate change policy, alternative fuels, and global health. The model produces an error-free forecast based on the data that users upload.


Rector of the Kazakh-British Technical University, Maratbek Gabdullin: “Cooperation of a Kazakhstan university with a leader among educational institutions around the world like MIT, we are sure, will give its positive works for the entire educational system of Kazakhstan. We have already begun to work on this issue and have received positive feedback. Three of our students write diplomas in this direction. From the next semester, we plan to connect master's and PhD students. Of course, we also want to train teachers so that they can teach this course in their lectures.”


The course on the study of System Dynamics will be taught at KBTU in the new academic year. Students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in scientific and research work.