Welcome to Level Up: An Introduction to Video Games and Gamification. The project was created by the laboratory for the development and research of video games GameLab KBTU together with the UNICEF Children's Fund in Kazakhstan. Link to the registration form - https://forms.gle/MQHXeRiPCKj2NPtg7.


Project goals:


  • Open prospects for girls in the video game and gamification industry
  • Make an “upgrade” of the UniSat online course using gamification


The project consists of three main stages:


  1. May - July 2023: Introductory online course that will provide an overview of the video game and gamification industry, introduce the basic principles of game design and game development tools
  2. August 2023: A three-day hackathon for graduates of the UniSat course on gamification (after all, who else, if not them, knows what their favorite course needs?). The hackathon will be held on the KBTU campus in Almaty.
  3. August 2023: Protecting projects and choosing the best idea for the gamification of the UniSat online course.


The online course is open to everyone. But the UniSat gamification hackathon is designed for girls. Unfortunately, there is still a stereotype around the world that some tasks are “not for girls”. For this reason, many prospects are blocked even before the start of their career path. Our goal is to change that by providing a platform and opportunity for girls to express themselves in game development and gamification. The second condition: to have a certificate of completion of the UniSat online course (link to the course). And finally, you need to strive to score the maximum number of points on the final test of our online course.


Detailed information about the selection criteria will be available within the course.