On April 15, 2023, KBTU hosted the second and final stage of the English Language Olympiad for students of technical universities. 13 participants who made it to the finals based on the results of the first round were allowed to demonstrate their public speaking skills, awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals until 2030, and the SDG thesaurus. Despite the excitement, the speakers brilliantly coped with the second round task in terms of their speeches' content and form, within the given time frame. The jury of the Olympiad identified the three prize-winners as follows, the first place was won by Aigerim Seitova, a student of IITU, the second place was won by Dana Kalmagambetova from  Turan University, and the third place was won by Yernur Kupeshev, a student of KBTU. Additional nominations, for charisma, creativity and eloquence were awarded to Madina Lyukhodjaeva and Alisher Seidumanov from the University of Turan, and Arzhan Asangaliyev, KBTU. The rest of the finalists were awarded consolation prizes.

Congratulations to the prize-winners and all participants of our Olympiad! By tradition, the right to hold the next Olympiad in English for students of technical universities and specialities in Almaty, initiated by the University of Turan, goes to the winner - the International University of Information Technologies.