KBTU hosted the second international personal-team chess tournament «KBTU: First Acquaintance 2023», which was attended by students from schools in Kazakhstan. The participating teams fought for the right to be the owners of grants for education in any bachelor’s educational program.

20 teams with 3 players each started the tournament. Many participants had previously been guests within our walls, but, having a significant motivation in the form of education grants, they were even more active in their actions, wanting to join the ranks of talented students of KBTU.

Individual tournament results:


        3rd place - Sarvinaz Narkhojaeva (Gymnasium № 60)

        2nd place - Deniza Kurmanalina (RPhMS-1)

        1st place - Yeldana Kaliahmet (NIS PhMD-1)


        3rd place - Nurym Seitkazy (School № 139)

        2nd place - Asylkhan Kumar (RPhMS-1)

        1st place - Alikhan Daulet (RPhMS-1)

According to the results of the team standings, the team of the Republican Physics and Mathematics School became the winner of the tournament! The winners were represented by Alikhan Daulet, Asylkhan Kumar, and Deniza Kurmanalina.

However, following the rules of the tournament, to receive grants in the team, all participants must be at least 9th grade. Therefore, KBTU grants went to the second winner - the team of NIS PhMD-1. Artemy Pak, Aldiyar Zhandaulet and Yeldana Kaliahmet became their winners. The top three winners were closed by the team of school № 56 represented by Nurbolat Rakhimov, Alan Glavchev and Diana Satpayeva.

The closing ceremony of the tournament was attended by the leadership of KBTU represented by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs A.K. Jumasseitova and Dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences R.E. Beisenov. Asel Kenesovna and Renat Yelemesovich congratulated all participants and presented prizes, diplomas and certificates to the winners of the tournament. In her final speech, Asel Kenesovna praised the players for their active participation in the tournament and their desire to develop in this sporting direction, thanked the organizers of the tournament and expressed her hope that this tournament would develop in the future.