KBTU and Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech - Tallinn, Estonia) continue to strengthen cooperation, which began in 2021 at the festival of seminars on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, as well as PhD internships in the organization of the SITE and the Center for Sustainable Development Project Groups KBTU. On March 31, a meeting was held between the rector of KBTU (Chairman of the Board) Maratbek Tulebergenovich and Hendrik Voll, the rector of TalTech, within the framework of which it is planned to exchange students, and teaching staff, organize seminars, and implement Smart City projects.


Under the cooperation of professors of IT School TalTech Sadok Ben Yahia and Ants Torim from April 17 till April 22 visited KBTU to exchange experiences of their research in AI and IoT. They had a meeting with the rector of KBTU to discuss cooperation within IT areas.


In continuation of cooperation on April 18, 2023 School of Information Technology and Engineering and the SDG Center KBTU Project teams of the KBTU have organized an international workshop «Smart City and its applications», https://www.sdg-center.kbtu.kz/conference. The key speakers of the workshop were professors of the Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia): professor Sadok Ben Yahia and professor Ants Torim.


Within the workshop master’s and PhD students of the SITE KBTU demonstrated their work including software and the use of information and communication technologies to design Smart cities applications: e-health, financial technology, applications to help the people with special needs, environmental pollution, and the impact of smart cities on society.


All participants were awarded certificates and the two best presentations were presented by master's students SITE KBTU: Zakir Shakirov and Albina Aliturliyeva. Congratulations!