Children from KSU «Janūia» attended STEAM master classes at KBTU.

STEAM master classes were held on March 20 at KBTU with the support of UNDP, iTeacher Academy, KBTU and SAMSUNG.

An interesting program awaited the participants during the master classes. They studied the history of the emergence of national ornaments of Kazakhstan and Afghanistan, drew on SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab tablets, as well as using a neural network. The drawings will be applied to reusable water bottles, so each participant will receive a souvenir from the master class on their project. The children also designed 3D models of ornaments on iMac using TinkerCad to create future jewelry and accessories and this is only part of the work done.

Soon KBTU students, organizers of iTeacher Academy and SAMSUNG plan to visit KSU «Janūia» to continue the practical part - the creation of national Kazakh jewelry from prepared 3D parts designed by children earlier in TinkerCad.