Yessenov Data Lab 2023: 20 grants for young scientists to the online school for analysts

Yessenov Data Lab program is a 4-week online intensive course to train Kazakhstani young scientists/specialists in the basic skills of big data analysis to apply knowledge in further work.

Dates of the school:  June 12 to July 08, 2023

Number of participants: 20


Program terms:

Program participants: citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan over 18, current researchers, undergraduate and graduate students in technical and natural sciences studying in Kazakhstan’s universities.


Candidate requirements:

  • strong analytical skills;
  • interest and desire to engage in scientific activity and/or develop IT technologies in Kazakhstan;
  • basic knowledge of statistics and linear algebra.

The applicant must have personal equipment (computer/laptop) that meets the following parameters:

  • CPU Intel Core i3 and AMD Ryzen 3 and higher
  • RAM 4 GB and higher.


Language of instruction: Russian, the use of technical English elements is possible.


Submission deadline: March 10 to April 11, 2023


Fill out an application on the Foundation’s website and provide the following documents:

  1. A copy of ID card;
  2. A copy of transcript (all semesters) or a copy of Bachelor degree diploma with transcript (for graduates and specialists);
  3. An essay on the following topic “I want to study data analysis to…” (at least 7 sentences and no more than 750 words);
  4. CV/Resume
  5. A portfolio demonstrating the candidate's achievements in the field of scientific research and/or expressed interests in a particular scientific field, and provide relevant confirmations: own scientific articles, materials, results of any research, etc;
  6. A certificate confirming good command of the English language (if available).


  • of applications will end until April 11, 2023 at 15:00 Astana time (GMT+6). Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed.