Kazakh high school students won three silver and three bronze medals at the 63rd International Mathematical Olympiad in Oslo on July 6-16, 2022.

🔹MMO is considered one of the most prestigious subject Olympiads in the world.
This is a competition for high school students, and each country can send up to 6 participants. The Ministry of Education of Norway and the University of Oslo are holding a competition this year.

All 6 students who participated in the Olympiad won prizes.

Silver medalists: Tair Satubaldin, Fetulla Sam, Miron Yurkevich;
Bronze medalists: Adilet Zautkhan, Adilet Abu, Yuri Ten.

The head of the national team of Kazakhstan at the Olympiad was the dean of the Scientific and Educational Center of Mathematics and Cybernetics - Isakhov Asylbek Abdiashimovich

A total of 589 students from 104 countries took part in the intellectual competition, including China, USA, South Korea, Japan, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, etc. b. there are countries