Oleg Merezhko, a student of KBTU took first place at the international Proggy-Buggy Programming Olympiad.

Oleg solved 9 problems out of 13, which is the best result among all 897 participants (532 of them in the category “Amateur” and 365 - “Professional") from 18 countries of the world.

Proggy-Buggy is a humorous programming Olympiad, but the tasks in it are serious, very real, you need to complete 13 tasks in 42 minutes

This year, Proggy-Buggy hosted 365 participants in the 'Professional' category and 532 participants in the 'Amateurs' category from more than 10 countries (Argentina, Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Canada, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Ukraine, Montenegro, Czech Republic). The Olympiad in Kazakhstan is already for the second time.

We congratulate Oleg on his victory and wish him even greater success in the future.