6В06104 IT Management

The IT Management Program (hereinafter referred to as "ITM"), according to today's statistics, is the most popular ICT program at universities in Kazakhstan and is aimed at training leading technical specialists, qualified developers and architects of information systems, software quality managers for information systems and processes. its development and maintenance. The need for such specialists is dictated by the ever-growing needs of the information and communication industry: the rapid development of the IT market, covering almost all sectors of the economy, science, education, social services and services.

The Faculty of Information Technology offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in ITM. This Bachelor's degree program provides training in broad skills, such as an introduction to information management, services and technology combined with a combination of disciplines from the humanities and natural sciences. Students study the most effective ways to find information, assess people's technology needs, and design and manage systems.

The ITM educational program teaches students how to find and acquire information resources; choose, manage and use information technologies; and help organizations use information resources for more efficient and effective work.

The purpose of the program is to train qualified specialists in the development and maintenance of information systems in the field of IT management, management of the organization's development of IT processes, as well as management of innovative IT products.