On November 27, 2021, DEMODAY of the KBTU Startup Incubator’s 11th stream took place. At this event, entrepreneurs presented their projects, and the jury commented on the work in terms of their viability.

Demoday was organized with the support of Astana Hub, the largest Technopark of IT startups in Central Asia.

According to the results of the demoday, the largest amount of points was scored by:

IDM - idm-online.org - Cardiogram for industrial equipment

Qfit.kz - Fitness by the minute - bit.ly/3I0gUIY

GRC Control Point - controlpoint.kz - Digital Assistant to Internal Auditor - bit.ly/controlpointkz


The jury members shared their impressions of the event.

“For many of them, this is the first experience, and therefore there were some shortcomings, but the most important thing is not to stop, but to work further in this direction, because everyone has very good potential. Young entrepreneurs need to know that it is very important not only to come up with an idea, but also to do some work and get confirmation that it resonates with a potential target audience. The better this work is done at the beginning, the more chances of finding funding from a partner in the form of venture capital investment. In addition, well-coordinated teamwork is very important. The people working on the project should first of all go not because of the money, but because of the belief in the idea. It is in such cases, as a rule, that the project achieves success”- Timur Turlov, CEO of Freedom Holding Corp.


“It is very gratifying that this startup ecosystem has already begun to work, such a large jury has begun to gather in the form of investors, experts of various types, with the participation of the same government agencies that deal with the issues of Startup Kazakhstan. I am very glad that already quite mature teams have appeared; I do not want to highlight them separately, so as not to be biased, since I was on the jury. The good news is that this is happening on the basis of the university! Basically, universities have always been the place, the basis around which ecosystems, scientific and technological, educational, and now also an ecosystem of startups gathered. Personal thanks to the rector and director of the business incubator"- Yerlan Saltykov, Project Lead of the 4PR Tech Hub Affiliate Center of the AIFC


"It's cool that our country has such events, there are guys with ideas and burning eyes. You can be calm about the future of the country. From the teams I would like to mention IDM online - a promising and necessary product, an experienced team. I also liked the Qfit pitch - clearly, understandably, clearly deployed the idea in the allotted time"- Alexander Lee, CEO cofounder Brain Terminal, ex. SD Technodom, investor


It was a useful experience both for incubator projects and for the entrepreneurs themselves. We wish the guys success and good luck!