As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Kazakh-British Technical University within the walls of KBTU, an international conference “Transformation in educational technologies. Energy, IT and Business: Challenges and Opportunities” had place.


The conference included the work of the plenary session "Transformation in educational technologies" and three sections: "Education in the era of energy transition", "Modernization 5.0", "Digital transformation and education".


The event was attended by leading experts in the field of education, scientists from the UK, USA, Germany, India, Malaysia, Turkey, China, RF, RK, academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, representatives of local executive bodies, partner companies, members of the Advisory Board, international organizations, industry associations and heads of the largest domestic and international companies.


Topics that were comprehensively covered:

- the future of the oil and gas industry;

- propaganda of scientific achievements in the field of modern educational methods in the era of energy transition;

- ensuring environmental safety in the energy sector;

- development of renewable energy sources and restructuring of the energy sector;

- artificial intelligence

- data science;

- cybersecurity;

- digital transformation in education;

- business and economics of competitiveness;

- human resource management.


If you have not yet had time to watch the broadcast of the Conference - you have the opportunity to catch up! Broadcasts of the event are available on our YouTube channel.